Horse Head Nebula

The Horsehead Nebula is one of the most famous nebulae on the sky. It is visible as the dark indentation to the orange emission nebula at the far right of the featured picture. The horse-head feature is dark because it is really an opaque dust cloud that lies in front of the bright emission nebula.

Like clouds in Earth’s atmosphere, this cosmic cloud has assumed a recognizable shape by chance. After many thousands of years, the internal motions of the cloud will surely alter its appearance.

Constellation : Orion
Distance from Earth : 1375 Light years

Equipment Details
Skywatcher EQ6R Pro Mount
Explore Scientific ED102 FCD100 Apochromatic Refractor Telescope
ZWO ASI 1600MM Cooled Camera
ZWO Filter Wheel
ZWO Electronic Auto Focuser
Chroma Filters
Stellamira 2” Field Flattener

Skywatcher ED72 Telescope as Guidescope
ZWO ASI 120MC-S camera as Guide Camera
Capturing Software is Sequence Generator Pro
Processed in Pixinsight and Adobe Photoshop

Technical Details

Total integration time 30 Hours from Bortle 8/9 sky.

HA – 78 X 600 SEC
OIII – 78 X 600 SEC
LUM – 60 X 60 SEC
RED – 60 X 60 SEC
GREEN – 60 X 60 SEC
BLUE – 60 X 60 SEC

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