Here is a time machine for the universe.

From the history of science we can find many revolutions that have changed and corrected human perceptions of the universe. Through Copernicus, a revolution took place that established a heliocentric world instead of a world centered on the earth. Earth was transformed into a small planet orbiting the star Sun. Later, man saw a new universe through the Hubble Space Telescope! In a universe full of many giant galaxies, man, who thought he was the center of the universe, was convinced by his own vision that he lived on a tiny planet orbiting an extraordinary asteroid in the galaxy, the Milky Way!

The Hubble Telescope has made unprecedented contributions to dismantling, modernizing, and refining old notions of the physical universe.
But all our perceptions of the universe to this day are about to change once again !!

When the new James Webb Space Telescope is launched into space later this year, it will not be just another tool for astronomers to explore the universe. Using state-of-the-art spectroscopy technology, you can look into the darkness of space
The web is also able to reveal the finest details of the most distant corners of the universe with excellent resolution. The James Web Space Telescope is a hundred times more sensitive than its predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope.

This will revolutionize our understanding of exoplanets and help us to understand where we came from and where we can live elsewhere in the universe. Maybe extraterrestrial life will find it too.


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