At the end of April, we will know if a private space project will successfully soft land on the moon for the first time. Stay tuned to see if a UAE Space Agency rover will land on the moon in April.

Built by the Japanese private company ispace, the Hakuto-r lander launched on December 11 aboard a Falcon-9 rocket and entered lunar orbit on March 21.

The Hakuto-r Lander weighs about 1000 Kg and carries the Rasheed Lunar Rover weighing 10 Kg.

If the mission is successful, Hakuto-r will be the first private probe to soft land on the moon. In 2019, an Israeli company’s lander crashed during a soft landing attempt.

If the landing succeeds, Japan will become the 4th country to soft land on the moon. (If the Rasheed Rover lands on the lunar surface, UAE will become the 4th country to land a rover on the lunar surface)

Space engineers have chosen a very unique path for Hakuto-r’s Earth-Moon flight due to the probe’s low fuel-engine capacity. Hakuto also holds the record for the farthest private space mission from Earth.

The duration of the mission after landing on the moon is 14 days.

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