A tree with a belly full of water

We often look at things in nature with wonder. There are so many weird views. One of them is a tree that grows with water inside. Surprising but true. The tree is found in Africa, Australia and Madagascar. Its name is Baobab

Studies show that the tree can store up to one lakh liters of water. This tree is a great relief to nature in summer. This tree is becoming a help to many living beings. People call it the Bottle Tree because it is a tree that holds water. It is also known as the Tree of Life and the Inverted Tree.

Not only does the tree have water in it but it also has many other characteristics. Many beliefs and superstitions surround the tree, which is believed to have been formed by the tree because the roots and leaves of the tree went underground because God threw them out of heaven.

 It stands for 9 months of the year with falling leaves.

Another great feature is its water storage capacity. As it ages, its inside becomes hollow like a tank. The trees will be cut down to make water tanks, houses and graves. Its leaves are a storehouse of vitamin C. These leaves are edible. Its various parts are also used medicinally. The fruit weighs about 1.5 kg and resembles a coconut. The fruit of this tree is rich in Vitamin C, A, Iron, Calcium and Potassium. as well as . They are used to make many objects.

It is the longest living tree. Since there are no annual rings, its age can be determined by carbon dating.
Up to 6000 years old have been found in Africa.
This tree is found only in the African continent and the Arabian Peninsula. It must have been a tourist attraction.

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