A mysterious ice cave that produces ice only in summer

About four miles east of Potter County, Pennsylvania, Sweden is the most geographically stunning city in Cowdersport. There is a small cave. , A cave eight feet wide and ten feet long, with a pit forty feet deep. There is a layer of snow at the bottom of the cave.

Large icicles up to 25 feet long and often up to 3 feet thick, producing ice only in summer, hang from the sides just below the mouth of the cave.

Coudersport is one of nature’s many natural ice making plants. , Unlike the usual ice caves that form only in winter, snow forms in Coudersport during the hottest season of the year. Snow begins to form in the spring, and the amount increases as the weather warms. When winter comes, when there is snow everywhere, the ice on the ice and Coudersport will melt. The Coodersport Ice Mine was discovered in 1894 by Silver Prospect John Dodd.

The reason for this strange behavior is a great mystery, but the current theory is that in winter, cold air falls into the mountain through cracks formed during rock formation, and due to the unusual correlation of the cracks here, cold air. Concentrated in chambers like this. When this cold air comes in contact with groundwater, ice forms. This only happens in spring and summer as groundwater is available during these seasons.

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