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In a three-phase process in which four hydrogen atoms combine to form a helium nucleus, the Sun converts about 600 million metric tons of hydrogen per second to 596 million metric tons of helium. Then that depleted four million metric tons (or 4.26 more precisely) is converted into energy every second. Only 0.00002 percent of that energy reaches Earth. About 30 percent of that energy is reflected back to Earth. The rest of that energy is the life force of the earth. This energy and gravity, which is very small for us at the time, is the basis for the earth’s soul, any movement, any life for millions of years. Moreover, the Sun is a relatively small star. Then think of the rest of the stars. Another interesting fact is that the light or energy we see now did not occur 8 minutes ago. Rather it occurred thousands of years ago or 30,000 to 100,000 years ago at the center of the Sun.

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