??? ???? ???? or the Darvaza carter

There does not seem to be a place like this on earth .The place is Turkmenistan.The nearest village is darvaza. It is home to one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Here the protagonist is a large pit 70 meters in diameter. The nickname given by the natives is ‘the door to hell’ as it is still burning. Therefore, it is popular among tourists. Looking down from the ridge unknowingly covers the face, as if it were high heat.

Now there are light notes on its origin. That is, in 1971, as part of an oil and gas exploration, a rig that was drilling into the earth would temporarily go off, so it is thought that they set it on fire and evacuated the area so that the methane gas sprayed out would not endanger nearby villages. If so, they were wrong, because they had little idea of ​​the magnitude of the gas deposit. This is because it has been forty years since this pit started burning continuously. It is still burning.

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