What is Supermoon?

When the moon appears larger and much brighter compared to its normal size. It is therefore called the Supermoon, and researchers believe that the Moon’s size will increase by about 14 percent during this time compared to its normal size, and that its brightness will be 30 percent higher than before. In this case, the distance between the Moon and the Earth decreases.

Why does a supermoon appear?
According to science, the Moon’s distance from Earth is about 4,06,692 km. In the language of science, scientists call this distance the apogee. At the same time, when the Moon and the Earth are close to each other as they orbit the Sun, the distance between them is 3,56,500 km. Scientists call it Perigee. At this time, a supermoon will appear the day after the Moon and Earth are closest to each other.

When was Supermoon first seen?
The first supermoon was observed in 1979, according to the US space agency NASA. People have been learning about Supermoon since it first came into existence. When astronomers called it the Perigen Full Moon. It was later renamed Supermoon.

How to see Super Moon?
If we leave the eclipse, the super moon is similar to a normal moon that appears on a full moon day, the only difference being that the moon is much closer to the earth than the normal moon, so it does not require special lenses or special equipment to see this supermoon, you can see this moon from the balcony or terrace of your house. Can be seen very easily.

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