Unknown object on the surface of Jupiter

It was discovered by Brazilian scientist Jose Luis Pereira during a routine investigation of Jupiter. An object crashes into Jupiter. No such incident has been reported so far. This was observed by Pereira using a QHY5III462C camera with a Newtonian 275mm F5.3 telescope at the Sao Caitano do Sul in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was a clear night, so they recorded 25 videos through a program called DeTeCt. This software is used to analyze video and detect the effects of Jupiter and Saturn.

The camera that monitors Jupiter operates at infrared wavelengths. The camera uses a 2MP Sony IMX462 CMOS image sensor to record 1920 x 1080 video. While observing Jupiter, Perera used an IRUV cut filter and a television PowerMate 5x (F26.5) IPS. Although such an impact on Jupiter is not uncommon, it is the first time such a phenomenon has been detected.

Roughly, ‘Scientists have found that at least 65 meteorites crash into Jupiter every year, but no picture or video of it has been found. Scientists have not yet commented on whether the object that collided was an asteroid or a meteorite. At 6:39 pm on September 13, Delcroix confirmed that Pereira had sent his findings to Mark Delcroix of the French Astronomical Society.

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