This is the ‘rotten’ planet in the Solar System.

        There is a 'rotting' planet in the Solar System.  Scientists say that the atmosphere in Uranus smells like rotten eggs or 'fart'.  According to a study published in Nature Astronomy, Uranus' atmosphere is filled with a chemical mixture of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.
  The gas covering Uranus was detected by an 8-meter Gemini North telescope in Mauna Kea, Hawaii.  It was detected by a telescope 's spectrometer, which reflected sunlight from the planet's atmosphere.

Leifletcher, a research team at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, said that the equilibrium between the nitrogen and sulfur (ammonia and uranus’ newly discovered hydrogen sulfide) during the formation of the Solar System was determined by temperature and the planet’s location.

Only a small amount of saturated vapor remains above the clouds. He said it was a challenge to detect the presence of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. He added that the Gemini Telescope had contributed to this achievement.

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