The tallest living creature

The Himalayas are the largest mountain range on earth. The most beautiful and amazing creation of nature. This mountain range is home to a spider that jumps. Known as the Himalayan Jumping Spider, this spider lives at an altitude of 6700 m. To think that there is no other living thing on earth that has settled so high. In 1924, naturalist Richard Hingston observed that spiders lived so high.

The scientific name of the spider is Euophrys omnisuperstes. The word means ‘above all things’ in Latin. These are small spiders in appearance. The size of female spiders is about 5 mm and that of male spiders is 4 mm. They are dark brown with white fur all over the body.

How do they get food when they are so tall? Everyone will have doubts. Snow blows from the bottom of the mountain, pushing some insects upwards. They feed on these insects. It is a species of spider that can survive very cold climates.

They are found in small parts of the Himalayas in Nepal and on Mount Everest and Makalu. A female jumping spider was found in 2014 in the Dowars region of the Indian state of West Bengal. It was later realized that it was a Himalayan jumping spider. There are currently no reports of these spiders becoming endangered.

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