The strongest solar flare in four years erupted from the Sun’s surface on Saturday morning and entered our planet’s atmosphere eight minutes later.

An explosion from a new and unnamed sunspot created the X-Class flame, the first of the 25 solar cycles.

An X-ray explosion travels to Earth at the speed of light and collides with the upper part of our atmosphere, causing a shortwave radio blackout in the Atlantic Ocean and coastal areas. The blackout map above shows that radio operators may have noticed the strangeness by 10:30 am

The sun, the source of energy, can sometimes be the center of the deadly radiation it emits. One such eruption occurred on July 3 from sunlight AR2838. The Space Weather Service says the biggest solar flare since 2017 has caused a radio blackout.

Sunlight AR2838 The strongest solar flare in four years, the X1.5 class eruption, exploding through the Sun’s surface. The now-defunct sunshine occurred above the star’s northwestern hemisphere, which is likely to move to the farthest part of the sun in the next two weeks.

According to, if the sunlight stays together, it will return to Earth’s view by the end of July. The latest eruption marks the beginning of a new solar cycle.

The X-Class solar flame ionized the Earth’s atmosphere, causing a shortwave radio blackout in the Atlantic Ocean.

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