The city of witchcraft

There is a city in Central Europe called Carvajalka that even Hitler’s Nazis were reluctant to set foot on, which shook Europe during World War II.

The city of Karvashka is located in the disputed country of Croatia, which includes parts of Croatia and Serbia. Adjacent to the Bosnian border, the city is one of the most mysterious places in the world. Karwashka is a typical city with less than a thousand people, with a shopping mall, a hospital, a park, a school and roads. But the most interesting truth is that not a single human being can be seen here during the day. Also, there are no buses, cars or other vehicles in the car wash. Schools and hospitals, including the post office, are just looks. It is just an attempt to show the world that the government is preparing everything for them. None of this is what the people of Karwashka want, nor will they come forward with their demands. The only government supply vehicle that comes once a month connects them to the outside world, and the people there are not even included in the country’s census report.

Cursed city, that is the meaning of the word Karvashka. These city dwellers are still practicing witchcraft and satanic service. Therefore, they do not want to talk to others or come in front of them. It does not bring others closer. The night is the lifeblood of the city of Karwashka. When they live day and night with worships and deeds, the government and the local government are the ones to look after. Many times the government tried to build a legal society there but all failed miserably. It should be added here that Croatia is a country that is not politically stable at all and does not even have a definite place on the map.

Karvashka has a history of centuries.

The fifteenth century was a time when witchcraft and satanic service were rampant in front of the Christian churches. Under the leadership of the church, local governments and people began to hunt down witches and witches throughout Europe. All the intoxicated sorcerers gathered on the top of the Broken Mountains in Germany to seek a solution. Satan, who finally appeared to the worshipers very early, asked them to wait for the constellation to appear in the form of a pentagram. When this group appeared, they had to sacrifice seven male children for themselves that night.

They were also asked to follow their blood flow after the sacrifice. Their Promised Land will be a place of bloodshed, where no power in the world can bother them. Thus, in the third month, the constellations came into the sky, and the witches, who had been following the blood from the sacrifices for six and a half months, finally reached Karvashka. As soon as they entered Carvajalka, the city was engulfed in terror from three quarters. Satan had left only a portion open to his believers, and over time this portion also slowly became overgrown. Today, the only way to get there is through the jungle, which is heavily guarded by the Croatian army. The government is keeping people away, saying it is their army base in place of the city of Karwashka.

Before World War I, a Hungarian priest and general who had somehow learned about the city of Karvashka set out with a small army to destroy it. They tried to enter Carvajal via Serbia, but
He died of suffocation in the forest. The story of an army man who went missing in the jungle was a hot topic in Europe at the time. But no one entered the forest because they were afraid to go and look. Back then, the city of Carvajal was just a myth to the people around it. The inhabitants of Karvashka later offer their prayers in a church built of the bones of dead soldiers in the forest, the day of the Carvashka’s celebration, the day of escape from the enemies who came to attack them. This is the coldest day in Central Europe. It is said that this happens because Satan comes directly to earth for celebration. However, those who went in search of Karvashaka died of suffocation or cold.

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