Shadow of mount rainer

Every object, large or small, casts a shadow like Mount Rainier. However, a particular peak exhibits an unusual characteristic that casts its shadow not on the ground, but miraculously in the clouds. How does that happen? Mount Rainier is a large volcanic peak located 87 km southeast of Seattle in the United States. It also causes large-scale flooding in river basins

It is noteworthy that there are no other mountains near that height around Mount Rainier, so it is geographically the most important mountain in the United States. On a clear day, the peak dominates the southeastern horizon and can be seen from Portland, Oregon and Victoria in British Columbia. Therefore; On a cloudy morning, when the height of the clouds reaches the bottom of it, the rising sunlight falls on the hair and as a result a long shadow appears at the bottom of the cloud, which occurs only in autumn and winter. Turns into a beautiful shot.

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