Oh-My-God Particle (OMG Particle)

The O-My-God particle (OMG particle) was the ultra high-energy cosmic ray discovered by the ” Fly Eye Camera ‘* on October 15, 1991 in Utah, USA. The energy of this particle is estimated to be (3.2 ± 0.9) × 1020 eV. This is about 20 million times the radiation emitted by an extra galactic object.

It had 10 ^ 20 (100 quintillions) of photon energy of light. Assuming that it is a proton, this particle was traveling at a speed of 0.999999999999999999999999951.

The exact source of these particles is difficult to determine. This is because the magnetic field of the galaxy and the solar system changes the orbits of these particles.

Since the first observation, seven similar cases have been reported. These ultra high energy cosmic ray particles are very rare.

Recent studies using the * Telescope Array Project * * suggest that the source of these OMG particles is the “warm spot” around the 20-degree orbit of the constellation Ursa Major.

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