Mercury Planet Facts

  1. Size
    Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System in mass and diameter. It is slightly larger than Earth’s Moon.
  2. Heat
    Mercury’s surface temperatures range from −173 degrees C at night to 427 degrees C during the day. This is because the planet does not have the atmosphere to trap heat, and the energy from the sun is rapidly lost during the day.
  3. Day & Year
    A single year is only 88 days on Wednesday. But due to its slow rotation, one rotation takes 59 Earth days (58d 15h 30m).
  4. What is Mercury made of?
    It consists mainly of iron, nickel and silicate rock. The dry, rocky surface of the planet is filled with craters like our moon
  5. color
    Mercury is primarily dark gray
  6. Satellites: None
  7. Distance
    From Sun: 59.795 million km
    From Earth: 119.24 million km
  8. Discovered:
    It is believed to have been first recorded in 265 BC. Because Mercury is so close to the Sun, it is often obscured by its brightness. Mercury was first observed with a telescope by Galileo Galilei and Thomas Harriet in the 17th century.

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