Martian winter wonderland

Winter brings big changes to Mars. Snow on Mars is not like snow on Earth. There are two forms of snow on Mars. Dry ice is a combination of water ice and carbon dioxide. The former will disperse before reaching the Martian surface.

But dry ice can also reach the Martian surface. NASA has released some images of the extremely cold Martian winter, which can reach minus 120 degrees Celsius. Attempts to colonize Mars also hold answers to how to combat this extreme cold.

Ice crystals on Earth have six parts, but on Mars they have four parts. Therefore, NASA says that the ice crystals on Mars will be cube-shaped. These Martian ice crystals are smaller than a human hair.

Winter leaves after creating many beautiful formations on the surface of Mars. NASA has released an aerial view of it. As winter ends, sunlight hits the snow and warms the gases inside. When it exceeds the limit, gases will escape. Scientists are now trying to learn more about this phenomenon on Mars.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting Mars for sixteen years, has sent 436 terabits of data back to Earth.

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