Leonid meteor shower

The meteorite is named Leonid because it appears to be a meteorite rising from the constellation Leo. . It is one of the most famous meteorites in the world. This meteorite appears in the vast sky at 100 to 200 meteors each year, with 15 to 20 meteors falling on Earth every hour. The Leonid meteorite rises every 33 years to a meteor shower, the last of which occurred on Earth in 1999.

‘Leonids are bright meteorites and they are colorful.’ The meteorite will travel at a speed of 44 miles per second. It is considered to be the fastest in space. This happens every November when the comet crosses Earth’s orbit, reports Space.com. As our planet enters the orbit of a comet, it passes through debris orbits, allowing meteorites to collide with our atmosphere.

The first recorded leonids were discovered in 1833. All of this proves that the meteors in the annual rains are from comets.

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