Hyperion is like a sponge.!!
If you take a picture of it, there will be approximately this number of craters.!!!

Hyperion is the eighth largest moon of Saturn.

The Cassini spacecraft took a closer look at its many strange craters. A spongy surface due to the presence of odd craters

At the bottom of most craters is some unknown dark red material. It is the same type of material found on the surface of Saturn’s other moon, Iapetus.
Also there is presence of water in the ice state at the base of the craters.

This very low density moon has a diameter of just 250 km. Its rotation is also very special.

The way the name came about

The internationally accepted names of almost all planets are derived from Greek mythology.
The name Hyperion comes from the Greek god (or Titan) Hyperion (watcher). Hyperion, the son of Uranus and Gaia (Earth), is the brother of Kronasi (Saturn) and the husband of Thea (a planet believed to have been in the solar system in ancient times:- There is a theory that the moon was formed when it hit the earth 440 million years ago..).

Hyperion and Thea’s children included Helios (Sun), Eos (Morning), and Selene (Moon).

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