What is the true meaning of the equation E = mc2? What has this got to do with the atomic bomb?
E = mc2
It is one of the most famous equations in the world. An equation that is widely used where it is not needed. It has been used on the outside of T-shirts, on the outside of coffee mugs, and even in chips. But it is also one of the most misunderstood equations. Many people think that it is the equation for making an atomic bomb. That’s wrong.

The formula that can be used to calculate the amount of energy obtained from an atomic bomb is correct. But the same equation can be used to calculate all kinds of energy, not just from the atomic bomb.
This equation has nothing to do with the energy from the atomic bomb alone.
E = energy
m = mass
c = speed of light 3,00,000 km / s = 30,00,00,000 m / s
c2 = 30,00,00,000 x 30,00,00,000 = 90000000000000000
That is a very large number
So let’s say E = mc2
This means that you get a lot of energy from very little mass.

This equation has more to do with history and politics than the scientific connection with the atomic bomb.
It can be said that this equation was the reason why heads of state started the project to have a nuclear weapon in the 1940s.

According to this equation, scientists have convinced heads of state that they can get a lot of energy from a very small mass. That was during World War II. The heads of state were on the lookout for more powerful weapons.
Upon hearing such a thing, they immediately set out to test and project a nuclear weapon for a large sum of money.
The Manhattan Project is one such project. It was through that project that the United States built the first atomic bomb.
E = mc2
Is actually an equation that refers to Mass Energy Equivalence.

That is to say, mass and energy are two sides of the same coin.
This is not how it was originally written in an article published by Albert Einstein
m = E / c2.
So, this equation gives us an explanation of what mass is.
E = mc2 or m = E / c2
Once we understand the true meanings of this equation, we will have to change what we have understood to be what a mass is.
We learn in school that mass is the amount of matter in an object. Mass, however, is not the only quantity of matter within an object. And the amount of energy in it.
In some cases, the mass of an object is less than the mass of the components it contains.
A helium nucleus contains 2 protons and 2 neutrons. But the mass of 2 protons and 2 neutrons is slightly less than that obtained. 0.7% less, to be exact.
Similarly in other cases the mass of an object is found to be greater than the mass of the components it contains. If we accelerate the aforementioned helium nucleus to a speed of 2,50,000 km / s, we can see that its mass increases by 80%.
Both of these phenomena are not just theories but have been proven experimentally.
In both cases there are 2 protons and 2 neutrons inside a helium nucleus.
So, the question remains as to where this low mass went and where the high mass came from.
This is the difference in the energy of those components.

When a helium nucleus is formed from its components (2 protons and 2 neutrons), some of the energy in their hands is released. The energy released in this way is called binding energy. The equivalent mass of this energy decreases in the helium nucleus. The resulting energy and the lost mass are related by the equation E = mc2. Thus, when the helium nucleus is formed, we get the energy from the sun.

Now, we are energizing the same helium nucleus to accelerate to a speed of 2,50,000 km / s. This energy is converted into kinetic energy. That energy is converted into extra mass.
At that time, we can use the equation m = E / c2 to show the nature of the energy mass.

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