Did the Ancient Egyptians Use Plane?

A wooden handicraft found during the excavation of the Padiman tomb near the Pyramid of Zaqara in 1898 in Egypt is known as the ‘Zakara Bird.’ It is estimated to be about 2200 years old. Although its shape resembles that of a bird, it bears a striking resemblance to a modern aircraft. In particular the wings of this form adhere to precise aerodynamic principles. The statue is believed to have been built in honor of the Egyptian bird god Horus.
Also, three papyri found near it mentioned the phrase “I want to fly”.

All these features were discovered in 1898 by Dr. Khalil the Messiah is said to have been a model of an airplane that the ancient Egyptians built or witnessed. He claimed that the Sahara had aerodynamic properties and was the only missing wing stabilizer from the bird and that it had the ability to fly. To support his claims, the Messiah built a wood model and added a tail. Miraculously it was able to fly.

In 2006, aviation and aerodynamics expert Simon Sanderson made a replica of the Sahara bird without a tail and tested its aerodynamics in a wind tunnel, with four times its weight.

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