A postcard from Mars: Curiosity sending beautiful pictures

NASA’s Curiosity rover sends two beautiful images to Earth from Mars. The images were sent from Mount Sharp on Mars. The Curiosity Mission team has created a postcard from Mars by adding colors to the images received.

On Tuesday, November 16, 2021, at 8.30 am and 4.10 pm, Curiosity filmed 360 degree surroundings.

The black and white camera on the rover was able to capture detailed information about the environment in these images. The picture shows mountains, rocks and soil.

Mount Sharp can be seen in the picture. Curiosity landed near the mountain on August 6, 2012.
In 2017, Curiosity found evidence of fluid in the foothills of Mount Sharp.

This is an indication that there may have been a river here in the past and that the conditions were favorable for micro-organisms. An examination of the Gail crater in 2019 also found evidence that there was once a lake on Mars.

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