After many years of efforts, the government has finally given permission for Elon Musk’s Neuralink to be implanted in humans. Will break further.

What is Neuralink? A small chip implanted in the brain. Instead of the display on the phone, the visuals go directly to our brain, and the sounds go directly to the brain. Movies can be seen in giant size. Will phones disappear from the world? Will we all become cyborgs?

India’s own ‘Bhar OS’ mobile operating system tested

New Delhi: India’s mobile operating system BharOS (BharOS) developed as an alternative to Google’s Droid and Apple’s IOS has been developed locally by IIT Madras. Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, V. Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan also congratulated the team members. Developed by Bharos with privacy and security in mind, it is a free operating system for use…

Hot water ICEs faster than cold water.!

Erasto Empemba was a schoolboy in Tanzania in 1963.While making ice cream with his friends, he noticed that hot milk freezes faster than cold milk. Hence the name Empemba effect.But this effect has been observed since the time of Aristotle. But chemists have struggled to give an accurate scientific explanation.There is a reason for that.Warm…

Mysterious Circles in the Desert (Fairy Circles)

August 15, 2021

JOHANNESBURG: The theory of the Turing pattern developed by the famous English mathematician is now being used to describe the strange ‘fairy circles’ of desert grass. Fairy circles are different spots of clear soil found in desert grasses. They were first spotted in the Namib Desert in South Africa. Scientists around the world have been…

Awesome ice wheel spinning itself in the river

August 15, 2021

Circular and other symbols found on farms in the United States are very popular. Stories abound that such giant signs, formed overnight, are the work of aliens or supernatural forces. A similar circular shape was formed on the river in West Brook, USA. This circle of ice formed in the river and spins like a…

Square waves……. Sea wonder ……..

August 15, 2021

How can waves flow in a square? All the visible waves reach the shore in the same straight line. Cross-sea is a phenomenon in which the same waves reach the shore in a rectangular or oblong shape. This cross sea is formed when the coastline strengthens along the coast. If you look at the pictures…

What is a water spot?

August 15, 2021

At the time of the formation of this phenomenon, boats and vessels at sea are more likely to capsize and cause accidents.

?????? -Everything our universe needs to know

August 14, 2021

Everything that says the beginning, origin and creation of the universe is wrong. The universe has always been here. Total energy was always constant. Energy and matter are eternal. It must be the end of another world, the nucleus of our Big Bang. It was first introduced by a Belgian priest. Hubble’s observations and the…

Is Mars losing its atmosphere?

August 14, 2021

ISRO’s Mars mission Mangalyan and NASA’s Maven have discovered that Mars is losing its atmosphere faster than expected. All the planets are losing a certain amount of their atmosphere into space.Researchers have found that the atmosphere of Mars, a small planet, is losing its atmosphere faster than expected compared to Earth.Solar winds cause argon gas…