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Link code fish

November 13, 2021

The lingocode fish found in the Pacific Ocean lose their teeth every day. That too in about 20 counts. The sex codes, which are five feet long and weigh up to 36 kilograms, have about five hundred pointed needles. They can also bark crustaceans, including crabs, all at once. But for so long it has…

Puffer fish – You need a license to cook this fish

July 28, 2021

You need a license to cook this fish. If you want to get a license ….. Puffer fish called Fugu Fugu is a favorite and most valuable fish of the Japanese. Known as pufferfish, this fish contains the deadly natural tetrodotoxin toxin in the liver, intestines, ovaries, eyes and skin – 1200 times better than…

Mantis shrimp-the power of bullets

July 28, 2021

Their forelegs have the power to break down streams of crabs, oysters, and other creatures in one fell swoop and chase down predators. But even with all this force, they can still look at themselves without getting hurt. When the Mantis shrimp is used for studies, they are stored in sturdy tanks made of plastic….