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The oldest wepon ever found on earth

Archaeologists say Neanderthals used leaf-shaped spears to hunt. The 65,000-year-old leaf-shaped spear found in the Swabian jura, a cave in Germany, led researchers to this conclusion. Leafpoint was discovered at the Hoyle Fels Archaeological Site. This handicraft is 7.6 c.m (3 inches) long, 4.1 c.m (1.6 inches) wide, 0.9 cm (0.35 inches) thick and weighs 28 grams. A detailed study by a microscope revealed that the leaf point was mounted on a wooden shaft / leaf point. The damage at the tip of the spear indicates that it was used as a spearhead. It had penetrated the victim’s body.
Neanderthals / Materials glue and fiber fibers were used for binding. Through this the spearhead was secured. It is clear that the spear was used by Neanderthals for hunting. They had sharpened again when the device broke. Researchers say the Neanderthals were expert stone knappers. They knew how to make deadly weapons by assembling objects / materials / different parts using sophisticated technology.

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