What is a space capsule …?

The space capsule is the simplest spacecraft to return to Earth from space. This is also called the re-entry module.

Only the space shuttle and the space capsule bring the astronaut back to Earth. Now the space shuttle is off. Only the space capsule sends people back to Earth! It can be said that this small spacecraft or module saves the lives of astronauts. Because .. Orbiting the spacecraft in space is a safe task. Risky missions include rocket launching into space and returning to Earth. From here, there will be a large rocket, spacecraft and other equipment. But it is common to give up on the road at various stages. In the end, the only thing left is the space capsule. The returning astronauts will be seated in the space capsule.

The space capsule should be about the size of a small room. There is enough space for 2-3 people to sit down. The rest of the space will be filled with 2-3 large parachutes and a heat shield. The space capsule has no wings or solar panels. The purpose of the space capsule is to bring humans back to Earth. But .. that would be a very difficult task.

The spacecraft and all other objects in space will travel much faster than the Earth. Or it can be said that the earth is moving very fast. At that speed, the spacecraft enters the Earth’s atmosphere, collides with air, and burns up. The mood part of the spacecraft is designed using a special type of ceramic to prevent this from happening. There will also be insulators to prevent heat from entering the spacecraft. The flat mood of the spacecraft is as follows, with its design and seating inside.

When the space capsule travels a short distance through the atmosphere, its parachutes expand and slow down again. Then some parachutes will open again. So in 2-3 steps the speed will slow down and land in the sea. If it lands on land, it rises a few meters above the ground and uses a small rocket engine to accelerate the spacecraft to almost zero. If they land at sea, they can be picked up by ship or helicopter.

Space space capsules come in many sizes and shapes. Yet in general it can be said to be the shape of a pump. Typical space capsules are designed to carry 2-3 people. But NASA’s multi – purpose spacecraft Orion is designed to bring back 5-6 passengers …

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