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How much does it cost for a person to go into space?

January 22, 2022

Virgin Galactic: $ 250,000 for a 2 hour suborbital flight at 80 km altitude;Blue Origin: Approximately $ 300,000 for a 12-minute suborbital flight at 100 km altitude;Axiom Space: $ 55 million for a 10-day orbital flight;Space View: $ 125,000 for a 6-hour flight to the edge of space (32 km above Earth).

Jeff Bezos reveals miracle, big plan to settle in space …

October 30, 2021

Blue Origin, a space tourism company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, launches a commercial space station. Officials said they expect the station, dubbed ‘Orbital Reef’, to be operational by the end of this decade. The promotional material released by the company claims that the station will be a ‘mixed use business park’ in space…