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X-Ray, CT & MRI

May 1, 2022

All of us have had at least one medical imaging test at some point in our lives. The three most common types of imaging are X-ray, computed tomography (CT) scans, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests. X-rays are brighter than gamma rays and more intense than ultraviolet rays. They pass easily through soft tissues such…

Researchers have developed a new drug that gives hope to the unfortunate who are lying motionless with a broken spinal cord .

November 27, 2021

U.S.A. scientists have developed a new drug that can regenerate body cells and restore a sedentary body. !!! Spinal cord injury and immobilityAfter four weeks of treatment, the rats began to stand up and walk on their own. The incident was reported in the scientific journal Science. It is hoped that by next year the…