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Last month, an event similar to the one in the Star Wars movie took place in space

February 13, 2022

Another private satellite has detected and sent images of a Chinese spacecraft stalling, capturing another spacecraft and launching it into the deadly orbit of a spacecraft 300 km away. The Chinese spacecraft SJ21 captured another stationary satellite, the Compass G2, and destroyed its orbit. The incident took place on January 22 Elon Musk fills space…

Chinese space mission cruises ahead !!

January 2, 2022

Mars landing, Space Station 2021, China has carried out 55 space launch missions in 2021. It is first in the world, says the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Among the missions, 48 launches were conducted by the Long March series carrier rockets, all successful. The missions also included four launches by the Kuaizhou-1A carrier…

First female astronaut to set foot on china’s space station

November 28, 2021

Wang Yaping, who is from Yantai, Shandong E China, will be the first female astronaut to set foot on China’s space station, and will become the first Chinese female astronaut to leave footprints in the universe. She will also give a lesson while in orbit as what she did 8 years ago.