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8-year-old Brazilian girl is the world’s youngest astronomer to discover 18 asteroids!

October 6, 2021

Eight-year-old Brazilian girl Nicole Olive is set to become the world’s youngest astronomer. Searching for asteroids as part of a program associated with NASA, she attends international seminars and meets with top Brazilian scientists. Oliveira’s room is filled with solar systems, miniature rockets, and images of the sky on two large screens on her computer…

New specious fossil founded on Brazil

August 29, 2021

New research shows that the 115-million-year-old fossil found during a police raid in Santos Harbor, in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2013, is a well-preserved, about 90% complete petrosor / big-headed pterosaurs. Studies indicate that they belonged to the group of toothless reptiles / tapejaridae that lived 144 and 100 million years…