Quark coding – 1000 years later.

Atoms are the basic building blocks of all the materials we use today, to be more precise, “quarks”.

That is, all we see today is a different combination of these works,

Today we combine molecules (molecules combine to form whatever we mix) to make a product that always has the same result if the same molecules are used.

That is, a product that we mix and match has a “permanent address in the language of the molecule”.

It is difficult to make a product with a few atoms, but hydrogen bombs do.

If you make a product with a few quarts,
There is currently no technology for it and it is expected to come in the future.

That is, a machine can be loaded with a number of querks and be able to build an * i phone *, i.e. make a copy of how the querks are arranged on an i phone using “Querks”.

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