Paleontologists have found fossil remains of a jurrassic crocodile species / fossil that lived 148 million years ago in Chile. Paleontologists say the fossil remains found in the Patagonian Mountains of southern Chile belong to a new genus of small- sized mesoeucrocodylian species. These ancient

crocodiles lived with the giant Titanosaurs and other Sauropod dinosaurs. Paleontologists speculate that the discovery of this ancient crocodile species may provide more information about the evolution of modern crocodiles.

Researchers say the newly discovered species, Burkesuchus mallingrandensis, is a relatively small species. About 70 cm long / roughly 70 cm long / and belongs to the group mesoeucrocodylia. Its fossil remains were found in skulls and spines from toqui formation beds. Its fossil has a sprawling stance as indicated by the femur. Its movement and tail-based trajectory are similar to those of modern crocodiles. It does not have the ability to catch large prey. It is commonly used to feed on insects, fish, and crustaceans, ie small carnivores.

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