Barrett M-99 Sniper Rifle: – The Barrett M-99 Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle capable of firing at an enemy from a distance of two and a half kilometers and piercing the tracks.

Rifles are large, long-barreled guns that rotate the bullet through the barrel of the gun like a pump when fired. For this, there will be long strands inside the gun barrel. Due to these spirals, the bullet that spins (spinning) has a greater tendency to penetrate, and can also travel long distances with accuracy. This is done by protecting the angular momentum of the bullet coming out of the barrel of the gun.

Barrett Firearm, s Company of America
This gun was released in 1999
.50 – B.M.G (12.7 x 99) waves are used. The bullet is fitted with a sharp steel needle to pierce the heavy iron plates of vehicles and other objects during firing. However, not all waves are of one nature. That is, there are fluctuations in the impact capacity and the distance at which the bullet fits exactly according to the waves.

The 32-inch-long gun weighs 11.36 pounds [11.36 kg]; About three times the weight of the A.K-47 .. !!! Its total length is 50 inches. (130- cm). Maximum firing distance is 2,600-meters.
That is, more than two and a half kilometers. !! A very powerful telescope mounted on top of the gun clearly shows the soldiers from such a distance. It is through this telescope that one looks up.

“Snipers” are soldiers who are specially trained to shoot at enemy soldiers in hiding during the war.
Called. The “sniper rifle” is a large type of telescope attached to them.
Enemy assets such as officers and radio operators
(High value asset, s) is the main function of the sniper.
In addition to firing snipers, snipers are trained in stealth, terrestrial combat, infiltration, covert surveillance, and jungle combat … !!!

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